GP Koirala national centre for respiratory disease will be a first specialized respiratory disease in Nepal . The institution is established to provide high level quality care related to respiratory disease, produce qualified manpower in the field, conduct research along with to make the contribution of late honorable prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala external .The center is sole government institution.

The GP koirala National Respiratory Teaching Hospital , which will be a general hospital, specialized in a pulmonary disease care, will be located in dulegauda, tanahau district of Nepal. The centre will work as a specialized tertitary level care centre as pulmonary rehabilitation center at Kathmandu. The center is directed to improve the quality of life of Nepalese people by reducing the magnitude of the respiratory disease and its preventation throughout the country.

The centre will be developed as a teaching hospital where the patient of heart, orthopedics and lungs diseases could get check up services. The centre will be developed into a 300 bed. Among 300 beds 100 beds are allocated for respiratory /pulmonary patient .The centre will be constructed on some 700 ropani of land.